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We’re a content marketing agency helping property, legal & financial businesses grow their revenue.

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Social Wave is a modern creative content agency built to help small businesses find big voices. In an age where everyone’s a content creator, the need to differentiate yourself from the noise becomes increasingly tricky.

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Our agency is designed to help you scale your content marketing strategy. Whether it’s graphics, video, audio, copywriting or SEO, we’ve got you covered. 


our process


get to know

get to know

We get to know you and your business.

We cover your business objectives, branding audience and what you’d like the content to achieve.


discovery meeting

discovery meeting

A deep-dive into everything that’s pertinent to building a successful content marketing machine.

We uncover what makes your business successful and discover how the power of content can amplify your message.


concept design

concept design

Our team goes to the drawing board where we come up with a strategy and concept to propel your content marketing forward.

We'll propose this for you for you to review for fine tuning.


get to work

get to work

When you’re happy with what we’ve proposed, we’ll get cracking on getting things started.

Watch as your content marketing machine ramps up!



check in

Weekly, monthly or quarterly check ins are conducted with you to ensure that the strategy employed is working or needs to be tweaked.

case study

furry mates co

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Furry Mates Co is a South Australian company that supplies innovative and functional dog toys and tools to make dog owners’ lives easier.


A comprehensive portfolio of professional photos and videos were delivered to Furry Mates Co…

furry mates co (2)
furry mates co (2)

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$360 / Week




$590 / Week



$940 / Week


Boxas Davie
We’ve engaged Kan to head up our entire brand and content strategy. As an accounting firm, we’ve seen him transform our ability to communicate with our clients and nurture our community to develop new leads. The results are spectacular and we’ve seen a multiple fold increase in our business growth directly attributed to the content and strategy he’s executed. If you’re a small business like us, I highly recommend Kan for your content needs.

Davie Mach,

Director, Box Advisory Services

digital recipe

We have hired Kan for multiple copy/content writing projects. Kan really listened to and understood what we wanted. The work covers the topic, is concise and definitely reads well. His content services fit within our budget and timeline and he was readily available and quick to respond to any follow-up questions and revisions we had. I would definitely recommend investing in Kan to anyone looking for a content writer.


Jimmy Nguyen,

Partner, Digital Recipe