We turn marketing challenges into TRIUMPHS

We’re a digital marketing agency that blends creative & performance together like you’ve never seen before.

What sets us apart

It takes a small village to execute the best marketing strategy. We’re a multi-disciplinary team of strategists, copywriters, designers, videographers, editors, animators and social media experts – all 100% in-house.

Were not just videographers scaled

Our Background

We’re a team that’s passionate about helping small businesses find their voices and grow their online presence. We’re at the forefront of scaling content and the latest digital marketing tactics.

Our team of explainer video experts will help you plan out your strategy and marketing videos and then execute them flawlessly so that you get results without spending hours trying to do it yourself!

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Meet the Dream Team

Kan 1x1

Kan Huang

Managing Director

Kan is the co-founder of Social Wave and a demand generation expert that focuses on helping craft the right strategy for the right audience.

He’s uniquely versed across podcast marketing (having founded his own podcast, Level: Asian), YouTube video marketing, social media, SEO, copywriting and funnel building – making him one of the few marketing experts with extensive experience across multiple marketing channels.

Noel V2 1x1

Noel Myaing

Creative Director

Noel is the other Co-Founder and Creative Director of Social Wave. He quarterbacks all of the creative production team that helps brings client videos, podcasts and designs to life.

With over a decade of experience in the film industry, attention to detail is everything to him.

Cassie 1x1

Cassie McBlane

General Manager

Cassie is our SEO Queen and has extensive experience working for some of the biggest digital marketing agencies across Australia.

From leading journalism teams across the globe to heading up content departments to running her own agency, Cassie now brings her extensive knowledge and creativity to Social Wave leading our team as General Manager.

Viv V1 1x1

Vivian Wei

Content Marketing Manager

Viv is the creative superstar and social media expert of Social Wave. As a Gen-Z who lives and breathes social media, she has the unique ability to identify trends and apply them to brands and businesses to help grow their brand exposure.

If you’re looking to bring your brand a fresh new look and feel, Viv’s got you covered.

Edwin V2 1x1

Edwin Lais

Senior Editor & Content Producer

Edwin is a video and photography nerd with specialisation in motion graphics to illustrate complex topics in an entertaining and easy to digest manner.

With experience working with famous YouTubers and universities in producing high-level video content, Edwin has a penchant for transforming dry content to something exciting.

Kelsey V2 1x1

Kelsey Aguinaldo

Senior Editor

Kelsey leads and brings to life some of our most creative projects with her ability to match incredible storytelling with business goals.

With a background working with some of the best content creators, she’s mastered how to develop punchy and engaging content to grow an audience.

Tayla V3 1x1

Tayla Williams

Marketing Co-ordinator

As the content and copywriting expert at Social Wave, Tayla firmly believes that the topic and script form the bedrock of every viral video. Her mission is to empower all of Social Wave’s clients to create captivating content that not only engages their audience but also fuels their growth.

With her diverse skill set and passion for crafting compelling narratives, Tayla is an invaluable asset to the team, helping businesses tell their stories and achieve their marketing goals through the power of words.

Tony V2 1x1

Tony Huang

Development & Operations Manager

Tony makes sure the Social Wave engine runs smoothly by improving processes & implementing new technologies and ensures that our workflows remain super-efficient.

Tony combines his tinkering nature with some serious organisational skills to unlock and engineer new possibilities for the Social Wave team.

Our Approach

1. Discovery & Research

Before we take any action, we begin by immersing ourselves in your world. Our team dedicates time to understand your business, target audience, and unique selling propositions. By diving deep into analytics, market trends, and competitor landscapes, we ensure that we’re not just making decisions on a hunch, but are informed by real data and insights.

2. Strategy Development

Armed with comprehensive insights from our research, we move to the drawing board to craft a bespoke digital marketing strategy. We believe in a collaborative approach, where your business goals and vision take centre stage. Our expert strategists integrate the latest marketing techniques, tools, and platforms to curate a content roadmap. Each strategy is a balance of creativity and practicality, ensuring innovative solutions with tangible outcomes.

3. Strategy Execution

This is where our plans come to life. Our dedicated team of creatives, developers, and marketers will turn your strategies into actionable campaigns. We believe in agile methodologies, allowing us to be flexible, iterative, and adaptive. As your partner, we constantly monitor, analyse, and refine our tactics, ensuring that we’re always moving forward and exceeding expectations.

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