Social Media VIdeo Production

Build a Magnetic Brand Using Reels

Leverage and take advantage of the shift to interest-based algorithms. It’s now easier than ever to grow a following from nothing.

The Dawn of Interest-Based Algorithms

To grow a following, you no longer need to have a large following. You just need great quality short-form video content. The better your content, the better it can recommend your content to your ideal audience.

Get Strategic Guidance Advice

We Know How Interest-Based Algorithms Work

Generate Leads and Large Followings for Your Brand

Fixed Pricing and Fast Turnarounds

Why Leverage
Social Media Videos?

Let the algorithm do the heavy lifting

Gone are the days of the popularity contest. You can now grow a large following with just great video content.

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Amplify your subject matter expertise

Focus on what you know best and share your thought leadership. Let the algorithm push you to a new audience and grow your following.

Generate Leads & Enquiries

Build a loyal following by sharing your advice and educate your audience. There’s no better way to build know, like and trust factor than video.

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Ingredients For an Engaging Social Media Video

Strong Hook

Clear Message

High-Quality Visuals


Trend Utilisation

Unique Education­al Content

Strong Call-To-Action

Flawless Audio

Engage­ment BoOSters


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Frequently Asked Questions

This highly depends on each video and what you’d like to produce. However, we can produce a video in as little as 2 weeks to as long as 6 weeks for more complicated projects.

We service nationwide!

It takes a small village to bring a great video to life! We have a multi-disciplinary team of strategists, copywriters, videographers, designers, editors and motion graphic artists. Our goal is to support you from start to finish and taking the load off you as much as possible. We have a unique production framework we use at each step to help make this as smooth a process as possible.

We like to make it as easy as possible, so we have a multi-disicplinary team that can take care of most of the process. Besides being the subject matter experts, we will take care of topic planning, scripting, storyboarding, filming, editing, motion graphics and even distribution on any platforms you wish.

Yes! We will work with whatever existing assets you have such as your website or logos to design something that is on-brand and to your liking.