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The video editing stage is where video editors kick the video game up a notch by boosting the quality of your videos. Our video editors team will ensure your videos are consistent in look, feel and design from video through to audio.

The Significance Of Video Marketing

Digital video has quickly become one of the most popular tools for getting attention from potential clients.

Why VIdeo?

Differentiation Between Your Competitors

Build Trust, Authority And Expertise

It Helps To Scale Your Efforts

Remain Front Of Mind

Qualifies Your Leads – Having A More Aware And Educated Prospect Will Drastically Improve Conversions, And You’re Less Reliant On A Hard Close During Your Sales Process.

The Proof is in the Statistics


86% Of Businesses Use Video As A Marketing Tool


68% Of Marketers Say Video Has A Better Return On Investment Than Google Ads


93% Of Businesses Claim To Have Converted A Lead Because Of An Explainer Video On Social Media.


87% Of Video Marketers Reported That Video Gives Them A Positive ROI

Keep it Simple

You may not need to involve a professional agency like us to produce your videos. Instead, a simple phone camera video and a space (like your office) with enough natural light will get the job done.
But if you want to leverage these kinds of statistics, you’re going to need high-quality, well-edited videos that are cohesive and engaging.
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Why is Video Editing an Essential Stage in the Video Production Process?

Okay, You’ve Filmed Your Video Footage. Congrats — You’re Halfway There!
Now it’s time to talk about editing the raw footage. This is the part where all the content you have filmed comes together in a meaningful way.
Video editing essentially brings your pre-production vision to life – which means editing out what doesn’t make sense for storytelling purposes and determining what should be included to achieve a call to action from your viewers.
In other words, it’s not just trimming frames here or there. When done properly by a video editor, the video will allow your business to connect with customers and give them a clearer understanding of your service’s benefits.

You Shoot.

We Edit.

While shooting captivating video content might not sound too difficult, it’s important not to underestimate the power of good digital video editing. Editing does more than cut that awkward pause at the beginning and put in a fade-out at the end. It’s an essential part of the production process if you’re looking to create professional, engaging and trustworthy videos.
Remember, Content Marketing Is All About Building Trust.
By Creating Videos To Help Answer Clients’ Search Queries, Pain Points And Knowledge Gaps, You’re Essentially Building Trust, Authority And Expertise.
But a poorly created and poorly edited video could end up having the opposite effect. Creating engaging videos and on-brand can be tricky if you don’t have a video editor that knows the ins and outs of effective video marketing. Even if you have a great idea, the right equipment or the best editing software, it can be really difficult to turn that into a good video.Editing does more than cut that awkward pause at the beginning and put in a fade-out at the end. This Is Where We Come In.
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What Can Our Team Do For You?

Our video editors are experts at creating professionally edited videos for businesses like yours. Suppose you’ve got the videos and content ready and just need to create one cohesive and engaging story. In that case, we can handle the entire video editing process so that your message gets across clearly and effectively. You don’t need to be a motion designer or have any special skills or experience to edit videos – just tell us what you want out of the project, and leave the video editing up to us!
Here’s How We Can Help
Our video marketing and video editing team will work with you closely throughout the whole process until we get it exactly how you imagined it – whether that means editing down hours of raw footage into something cohesive, adding relevant graphics and animations, working on music choice, creating custom voice overs – the list goes on!

The Best Part?

whether the video is shot through your iPhone or with your old video recording camera, you are left with a high-quality piece of video content at an affordable price.

Why Choose  The Social Wave Video Editor Team?

we are a digital content marketing agency in Sydney that specialises in video production.
Our team of video editors pride themselves on their ability to create high-quality video content using innovative techniques – be it corporate video production or promotional videos. We aim to bring your brand’s message to life through video by strategically delivering it across social media channels, websites, blogs or any other online content you need it on.
Our clients range from small businesses and startups to large corporations, including Australia’s biggest brands.
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Personalised Experience

Our video editors work with you every step of the way, so we can understand your business goals and deliver results that will help you grow your audience and increase sales.


High Quality Production

Beyond our video editing services, we offer full-service production for all kinds of businesses, including small business owners who want something better than their phone camera but don’t have big budgets available.


Highly Skilled Team

We have a team of experts and creatives who can handle any type of video production, from scriptwriting, filming, editing to animation.

By Working Closely Together, We Will Make Sure Your Video Looks Great While Remaining True To Your Brand Identity.

  • Affordable And Quick Turnaround
  • Social Wave Will Cut Your Post-Production Time In Half
  • Skilled At Making Videos That Engage An Audience
  • We Know How To Make The Impact You Need For Viewers To Take The Desired Action – Subscribing, Buying Or Sharing.
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