The Ultimate Content Marketing Playbook

Get the exact playbook on how our agency has helped 50+ businesses 3x – 5x their businesses in 12 months

Stop Marketing Like It’s 2012

There’s so much noise in the marketing world but you have no idea who to trust.

Most marketing strategies and tactics are outdated or out of context.

My marketing agency has helped 50+ businesses generate over $15,000,000 in revenue using this exact playbook.

  • If you’re sick of working with marketing agencies that overpromise and underdeliver, then you need this playbook.
  • If you no longer want to rely on the feast and famine of sales because you rely on word of mouth and referrals, then you need this playbook.
  • If you want prospects queueing up to work with you rather than the constant cold calling, then, you need this playbook.

This playbook is for the busy business owner who wants to take control and build predictable, high-quality lead flow for their business.

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What You’ll Get In the Playbook

This playbook is the exact roadmap document that I’ve put together for dozens of my clients. Inside, you’ll learn and gain access to:

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What demand generation is and why most businesses don’t even know what it is

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Identify what traffic channels you should leverage specifically for your business

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How to build and generate desire for your product or service

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Be omnichannel – learn the tactics for each platform whether it’s YouTube, LinkedIn, podcasts or more

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Video marketing scripts and frameworks including examples

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Video marketing scripts and frameworks including examples

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Case Studies

icon 08

Publishing Cadence

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How to put this all together to build an efficient marketing machine that will take you less than 8 hours a month

Who Is This For?
Why get the playbook?

If you run a service business or membership with subject matter expertise in your industry.

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Coaching and Memberships

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Legal Services
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Consultants and Advisors
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Financial Services
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Real Estate
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Human Resources and Recruitment
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Information Technology
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Training and Development

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Accounting Firms

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Trades and Constructions

And much more.. You get the picture, right?

There are plenty of cowboys and charlatans in the marketing industry who promise you the world and deliver you f*ck all.

Instead, nothing has worked better than what we’re doing. It’s not the fastest nor the flashiest, but I would rather get rich predictably than pick the winning number out of the proverbial marketing strategy lottery.

It’s how we’ve been able to grow to a 7-figure agency in 18 months. We wouldn’t be growing this fast without delivering results.

I want to get this in the hands of as many business owners as possible. I want YOU to have 100% clarity and understand how REAL demand marketing should work so that you can immediately stop wasting money and start generating real revenue growth.

Hear It From Them

lw iw

I’ve been working with social wave for over 12 months and the impact on my business has been phenomenal. Apart from being very talented at all aspects of content production, they are honest, authentic and incredibly clever. They have regularly delivered outside the square solutions for me and I’d highly recommend to those businesses who want to be seen as industry leaders.

Salena Kulkarni

Founder, Inkosi Wealth

lw payc

Kan and the team designed and executed an inbound marketing strategy that helped us generate over 20k in website leads, along with high performing lead magnets. Pay Cat (my company) wouldn’t be where we are today without Social Wave. Highly recommend for SAAS and professional services

Garth Belic

Director, Pay Cat


I’ve been with Social Wave for 2 years now and they have been nothing but brilliant at what they do. They approach our marketing like no other agency. My business have doubled in size since using them for videos and content marketing. I recommend speaking to Social Wave if you want to grow your branding and outreach.

Davie Mach

Founder, Box Advisory Services

lw acc

I’ve worked at a digital agency myself as an account manager, and I’ve dealt with many others through my work as a digital marketer, and these guys are honestly the absolute best at what they do: They always go above and beyond and seem to actually care about our business; if I request an ammendment to work they’ve carried out they usually have it complete within a few hours; their pricing is insane considering the quality of their work and the owner Kan adds even more value on top by shooting through proactive ideas for how we can improve our channels, outside of what we pay them for. Big shout out to Kan for his expertise and leadership; Cassie for her great content management; Kelsey for her incredible responsiveness and skilfull editing; Noel for his wonderful filming; Tayla for her excellent blog writing and Bruce for his thoughtful deployment. You guys are amazing!

Jazz Andrews

Marketing Specialist, Accurate Australia

lw tls 1

I have been working with Social Wave for a number of months now and my experience with them has been nothing short of phenomenal 😊 Prior to engaging Social Wave, I met with a dozen marketing agencies who wanted to “sell me the dream”. Social Wave stood out significantly as they took a very unique approach to my marketing needs. From the very first conversation I’ve had with Kan, Cassie and the rest of the team at Social Wave, I knew that I had found the right partner to assist my business with my marketing requirements. I’m absolutely delighted to be working with these guys, as we’ve already achieved a number of milestones together and I look forward to doing much more business together. If you’re after a marketing agency who is honest, transparent, prompt, responsive, creative, collaborative, and professional, look no further than Social Wave 😊 Thank you for all your assistance guys, it is much appreciated.

Michael Isaac

Director, Trinity Landscaping & Sports

lw ics

Over the course of 17 years as an entrepreneur, I’ve come to recognise the significant role a marketing agency plays in translating ideas into effective strategies that form the basis for substantial business growth. In this regard, Social Wave stands out as the exemplary choice.

I’m pleased to share that, thanks to Social Wave, our business YouTube channel now receives approximately 1 million views per month, a notable achievement.

Let me elaborate on the reasons why Social Wave shines:

Reason 1: Exceptional Expertise Allow me to introduce Kan, the Managing Director, and Noel, the Creative Director, both leaders in the field of content marketing. Kan’s skill in devising solid content strategies is truly remarkable. By drawing from the best practices of leading content marketers worldwide, he crafts a tailored approach for your business that yields tangible results. It’s worth mentioning Kan’s prompt communication and clear articulation, which make complex discussions a smooth experience.

Noel, on the other hand, seamlessly blends creative vision with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that your content deeply resonates with your audience. His editing prowess and creative finesse consistently deliver high-quality work, marked by punctuality and a commitment to excellence.

Reason 2: A Stellar Team I extend my sincere gratitude to Viv, Kels, Edwin, Mish, and anyone else I may have inadvertently missed. Throughout my professional journey, I’ve rarely encountered a marketing team that embodies such professionalism, capability, dedication, and enthusiasm for driving our business forward. Their approach instils confidence in every aspect of our projects.

Reason 3: Dedication and Values Social Wave serves as an invaluable extension of our marketing efforts. Their flawless execution and alignment with our company values are commendable. Their commitment to upholding strong values is a notable differentiator in the industry.

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for your outstanding contributions. I eagerly look forward to more projects in the future!

Michael Tsai

Co-Founder, iCanStudy

lw uf

We’ve collaborated on a few projects together and the team is so fun and amazing to work with every time! Their professionalism and business insight is invaluable. Highly recommend!

Rich Tran

Founder, Ultrafade Hair Salon

lw dt

The team at Social wave are so skilled at what they do. Great content delivery along with the consistency as well. They are very responsive and provide fantastic advise and guidance on how to excel in the digital content space.

Kim Quach

Business Development Manager, Duo Tax

lw pp

Worked with Social wave and they are amazing!

Lived up to everything they said and more!

STeve Palise

Founder, Palise Property

lw sfg

Genuine 5/5. I want to keep these guys a secret so we can keep them to ourselves, but they deserve a ride on the social wave as well. Get on board.

Brent Jones

Head of Professional Services, Sequioa Financial Group

Meet the Founder – Kan Huang

Kan 1x1

Hi, I’m Kan. Founder and Director of Social Wave – a demand generation agency based in Sydney, Australia.

In the past 18 months, I’ve built Social Wave to a 7-figure demand marketing agency focused entirely on helping businesses build a high-intent inbound lead pipeline filled with their ideal clientele.

Over this period, we’ve helped 50+ businesses achieve this through a multi-channel content and creative strategy designed to align with the buying process of discovery, research and purchase.

There are only three things we focus on:

icon 26


icon 27
Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
icon 28

And the key to this success is consistently natively sharing your message on each platform using content.

We help our clients strategise, create and optimise these campaigns to educate their ideal buyers on the value proposition, core differentiation and expertise of your business.

The Problem with Modern Day Marketing

img gartner 2

The online buying process is complex and non-linear.

Marketing when there is intent to pay your services is no longer enough. Instead, the optimum data we see across 50+ businesses indicate that pre-marketing (educational content) drives much of future buying decisions when your ideal customer moves from non-buy to buy-mode.

However, businesses only focus on the last 10% of the decision-making process where the decision is already made based on a shortlist of providers.

The end result is the need to compete on features rather than value due to an uneducated prospect.

Unfortunately, there’s an overreliance on marketing technology that wrongly attributes decision making to channels that are not driving decision making.

For example, PPC and SEO are a ‘turnpike’ that buyers pass through to buy. But most of the buying decisions are driven by social media, YouTube and closed communities.

Businesses are overspending on channels such as SEO and PPC that don’t yield increased revenue growth while not doubling down on channels that are performing because they simply cannot measure ROI on them.

The result is that marketing ends up hitting their quotas for MQLs but sales struggle to hit SQL KPIs.

The Investment

Actual Value

Warning: This playbook is not a get rich quick guide. There is no one trick, quick hack or silver bullet that will deliver you the results. If this is what you’re looking for, then this is not the playbook for you.

This is a purpose-built playbook for business owners who are generating 6-figures in annual revenue and want to find a predictable way to reach the 7-figure or 8-figure mark.

Just like a car engine needs pistons, a timing belt, a gasket, a battery, gasoline and all other parts to make it work, the same is true with a proven content marketing strategy.

If you want a plan that generates predictable, steady progress, rather than hopping between quick hacks, then this is the playbook for you.

This playbook offers you a 10,000-foot view that gives you a detailed strategy and roadmap to make the first steps towards establishing a content marketing strategy that’s worked for over 50 of our clients.

On average, our clients are generating over $200,000 – $750,000 in additional annual revenue with these strategies and tactics.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want this in the hands of as many business owners to become aware, learn and understand how proven demand marketing should work.

Of course not. There are too many variables at stake. You should turn around and run away if anyone can guarantee you results without at least spending time understanding your business and your goals. Having said that, this strategy has been proven to work for over 50 of our clients and if followed properly, I can’t see what it can’t deliver the results for you.

If you’re a business owner who is turning over 6 figures a year and want to reach 7 or 8 figures in a predictable and efficient way. I get it, business owners are busy and wear multiple hats (myself included). Therefore, this playbook shows you the exact minimum effective dose to maximise results from your marketing.